Gospel singer Bahati’s wife, Diana Marau, has disclosed why she had to give birth through Cesarean section (C-section).

The mother of two delivered both her kids through C-section even though she preferred to give birth the natural way. Speaking in a video on her IG, Marua told her curious followers that natural birth was not an option.

She said she was suffering from Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), a condition whereby her pelvic bones were close to each other.

Marua said it was painful and even moving from her bed to the bathroom was difficult.

During the birth of her second child Majesty, she experienced the same problem and doctors again advised her to go under the knife as natural birth was not an option.

I did not prefer to go for C-section. What happened with my firstborn baby Heaven, I got a complication where my pelvic bones zilikuwa zinashikana and it got to a point where walking a small distance was very hard for me. I couldn’t even move from the bed to the bathroom.

“That condition is called Symphysis pubis. So with that, the doctor had to advise me not to go the natural way. Natural birth was not an option for me and on my second baby, the same happened and that’s why I opted for C-section,” said Diana Marua, who was responding to a question from a fan.