Cabinet Secretary for the Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs Margaret Kobia has lambasted clerics who prey on women using fake promises.

According to the CS, most of the false prophets were taking advantage of the poor by claiming they can pray for women to get husbands and money. She further noted that such clerics also claim that they can heal some diseases.

Doreen Mukami (left), a baker explains a point to Public Service CS Margaret Kobia (right) Imenti North MP Rahim Dawood and Meru Deputy Governor Titus Ntuchiu at her stand at Kinoru stadium. Photo/NMG

Prof Kobia, who was speaking at Kinoru Stadium where she distributed Youth and Women Enterprise Funds cheque over the weekend, said it was unfortunate that a lot of women were losing their dignity and money to fake pastors.

The CS rallied women to seek financial empowerment over fake miracles by clergymen who prey on the poor, especially single women.

“There are is a crop of priests who exploit women after lying to them that they have powers to heal, make them get husbands or money.

“We are telling women is to seek financial empowerment to enable them take their children to good schools or readily seek medical attention should they fall sick,” she said.

Kobia added: “When you have money, you have a voice and no one can push you around.”

“Our prayers go directly to God. Such kind of exploitation should be included as a form of gender-based violence. Many women who face various forms of abuse are those who do not have the financial muscle.”

The CS further warned the youth against relying on handouts from politicians saying this discourages the working culture.

Kobia said her department was keen on uplifting the welfare of youth, women and the disabled.

“President Uhuru Kenyatta is a champion of youth and women empowerment and that is why we want to see that money gets to the grassroots,” said Prof Kobia.