Akothee and her daughter Rue Baby shared a heartwarming mommy-daughter moment on social media after the famous musician found out her model daughter has entered the Miss Universe Kenya competition.

Rue Baby had decided to keep the matter a secret until she made it into the finals of the highly coveted beauty pageant.

“Actually my mother doesn’t know about this. I didn’t tell her because I didn’t know I was going to make it this far. I am waiting for a good day, when I’ll sit her down and tell her that I’ve made it to this point,” Rue told Word Is before her mother had found out.

She added: “I have seen many negative comments, saying that it’s my mother that got me into the competition. I have worked myself so hard and I’m also very competitive to get the crown. It is my hard work that has gotten me there. You see now my mother doesn’t even know about this.”

Upon finding out, Akothee took to social media to cheer her daughter on in the annual national contest to choose a Kenyan ambassador for the global Miss Universe pageant.

Akothee was also keen to state that she did not use her name to influence anyone to favor Rue Baby.

“This child of mine will kill me with pressure one day. ❤❤❤She is like the wind that just struck Nairobi, I don’t know her anymore, she will go for that what she wants. I have been catching feelings when she failed to join me in my things or accompany me somewhere,🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️ I forgot she has a life too. 😭😭 The only support I give her is I encourage & facilitate her movements but never attended any of her shows or make a call to any designer or event organisers for favours, because I never want to outshine her and make others feel like she has favours because of her mother’s fame! I am always there to question where she is and what she is doing🙊 “stupid suspicious mother ” talented fool mother “. Well, being that my children are the most disciplined, I have fear of peer pressure, so far no indiscipline reported in my family, @rue.baby is the most disciplined child, but you know this fashion industry, every mother will be nervous, but mum @rue.baby from today FLY FLY FLY MY QUEEN. COME BACK AT 2.00 AM IN THE MORNING
WAKE UP AUNTY TO COOK FOR YOU, call @akotheesafaris for your holiday tickets and let them bill me, even when I am not around , I LOVE YOU MY QUEEN GO GO GO GO,” wrote Akothee.

In the comments section, Rue Baby responded: “Thank you mama 😭😭😭😭 I dint want to tell you because I wanted to wait till I make it to the finalists.. And was waiting you come back from your safari for the good news . Whether I win the crown or not your encouragement is what has kept me going 😍😍😍😍😍I love you more mum.”

Speaking to Word Is, Rue Baby said she is hoping to get to the finals of the competition.

“I applied and I was called for auditions and later shortlisted, depending on how one performed. The 20 of us went for challenges in the following week.  The next step now is the boot camp and then the main event,” she said.

“I have really tried because the competition is very stiff, but it’s a beautiful experience to interact with such models in the industry. I believe in God and I’m hoping to get to the final stage.”