A waitress based in Kirinyaga is making headlines after she found a wad of cash and decided not to keep it.

23-year-old Eva Karendi said that she discovered a suspicious-looking bag at her workplace.

“I saw the strange item and was not sure what it was so I called my colleague. We checked inside and we were shocked to find Sh 60,043,” she said.

Contrary to what most people in her shoes would do, the waitress at Nice Digital City Hotel in Ngurubani Town, Mwea Constituency decided to track down the owner of the bag.

The Director of the hotel, Charles Njiru, said they were able to identify the owner after she called to inquire about a lost bag.

The owner of the bag, identified as Esther Mbaabu, said she accidentally dropped the bag and didn’t realise until after she had left the facility.

“My husband and I had a meal at Nice Digital Hotel and made our way back to his car. I had not realized I had carried my purse into the hotel. I also did not have to, since I was not the one footing the bill for the meal. It was only after he dropped me at the Heritage Hotel at Nkubu that we realised my purse was not in the car,” Mbaabu said.

Asked to identify the items in the bag,  the customer confirmed that she had Sh60,000 and a few coins.

She returned to the hotel and was relieved to have her purse and money back.

The hotel boss said: “I have already promoted the girl for her good work.”