Victoria Kimani has a bone to pick with some of her 699K followers on Instagram, especially male fans of the infamous ‘Team Mafisi Sacco’.

The musician, in a series of video posts on her IG, took issue with fans who only lurk on her profile because of her physical attributes.

It all started with a video in which Ms Kimani is captured asking her inactive fans why they follow her on the platform.

“Why are you following me? If you’re going to follow me, at least say something. Don’t be so quiet,” says Victoria in the clip.

In a subsequent video, Victoria continued lecturing her followers and captioned the clip; “But seriously …10% of y’all need to activate … don’t just be on here looking … almost 700k LEGIT people just l👀king silently… it’s kinda scary when you think about it! Show your girl some realll Love ❤️😍”

It is in the third video that Victoria Kimani finally decided she’s had enough of being sexually objectified. Apparently, most of Kimani’s male followers commented in the first clip revealing that they follower her because of how she looks.

“I noticed a lot of my male followers were saying yesterday that the thing they like about me is my body or my bum bum or my physical attributes. I would like to say that, you really are selling yourself short as a man to only appreciate the sexual attributes from a woman when there are so many other things you can appreciate,” states Victoria in the video.

She captioned it as follows: “Some of the boys that follow me 👀 Wow! … displaying high levels of hoe-me , Ninfo-mania, and sexual frustration in my comment section and dms 👀 Why now?? What is going on? Honestly.”

The singer further resolved to stop posting more photos of herself because she’s tired of that male gaze s**t.