The Isiolo Law Courts this week witnessed a heartwarming turn of events after court staff came to the rescue of a single father of three who could not raise his bail money.

John Mugaa from Kulamawe in Isiolo town had been arrested during a random inspection of food hawkers by public health officials.

Mugaa, who sells fries by the roadside, was arraigned in court for allegedly selling food in unhygienic conditions. He was granted Sh11,000 bail but only managed to raise Sh9,000.

After the hearing, Mugaa was escorted to a prison located about half a kilometre away from the law courts, leaving his children stranded.

However, one of the court employees ran into a 10-year-old girl crying in the corridors saying she was stranded as the court had not released her father.

The girl said she had walked to the court with her elder brother carrying their two-year-old sibling, hoping to be reunited with their father.

With no one to turn to, they broke into tears and stood outside the courtroom.

It was at that point that the court staffer decided to rally his colleagues to help the accused raise the bail amount.

Within one hour, 30 workers, including police officers stationed at the court, a probation officer and a prosecutor had raised Sh11,500.

The court released Mr Mugaa on Wednesday, reuniting him with his children. After his release, he asked to meet the people that had bailed him out to express his gratitude for the kind gesture.