Kenyans are the most optimistic people in Africa and among the top in the world.

This is according to Global Optimism Outlook Survey that found that 70 per cent of Kenyans view themselves as optimists, above the global average of 56 per cent, and the continental average of 64 per cent.

The survey was commissioned by Expo 2020 Dubai and conducted by YouGov; it tracked people’s priorities for the future, looking at sustainability, economic growth, technology, travel, and more.

Over 20,000 people across 23 countries were surveyed, broken down by geographic region, gender, employment, marital status, and income.

In terms of geographic regions, South America was found to be home to the largest number of optimists (74 per cent).

Similar to other African economies, 85 per cent of Kenyan respondents believe that knowledge gathering, learning and access to education is the best avenue towards unlocking opportunity in the year 2050.

The Global Optimism Outlook Survey also shows that Kenyans were found to consider natural resource conservation, alternative energy and zero waste as most important in creating a better future, while ranking technological developments such as ride-sharing and electric vehicles least.

In the next 30 years, Kenyans would most like to experience free trade (82 per cent), self-powering and energy producing transportation (72 per cent), carbon free travel (68 per cent), e-commerce (66 per cent), and cloud computing, big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) (66 per cent). From a sustainability point of view, they would most like to experience smart cities (73 per cent), sustainable architecture and infrastructure (71 per cent), and sustainable food (70 per cent).

Overall, South America (74 per cent) is the most optimistic region, followed by Africa (64 per cent), the Middle East (60 per cent), Asia (57 per cent), North America (50 per cent) and West/East Europe (50 per cent).

South Africa and Nigeria had 64 per cent of their population viewed as optimistic.