Radio Jambo resident DJ Eunice Wanjiku alias DJ Nyc says one of her biggest challenges as a female deejay is being seen as a threat by her male counterparts.

“There is discrimination in the industry as some male DJs see you as a threat and try to fight you while others want to [sleep with you] to give you gigs,” she said in an interview with Word Is.

DJ Nyc, however, praised her radio cohosts Mbusi and Lion for having a positive impact on her career.

“They are the best duo to work with and through them, I am now known and they have been helping me get gigs,” Nyc said.

She said her childhood dream was to be on the radio but she joined campus to study public health.

“I went to do public health and the first assignment was in a morgue, which was not my thing. That pressure made me like the DJ part more.”

DJ Nyc also had to convince her father that she wanted to be on radio and the only way was by becoming a DJ.

“At first he stopped me but I convinced him, and he paid my fees after I promised to finish my public health course,” she said.

Nyc juggled between studies and deejaying and after four years she graduated with a degree in public health.

“I have never used the degree anywhere and my mum still thinks I’m jobless.”

Her message to other aspiring female DJs is, “it won’t be easy at the start, but focusing on what you want to achieve is the key.”