Award-winning gospel musician Shiro Wa GP has called on people to stop judging celebrities whose marriages have failed.

Wa GP, who has been married to Antony Thuo for about 14 years, noted that celebrity marriages are not perfect and are just like any other marriage.

“Celebrity marriages are always the target, and people think they are the only ones with problems, but problems are everywhere in any marriage,” she said in a TV interview.

She attributed most celebrity divorces to having partners who don’t understand their spouses. “There will always be a problem that might end up in divorce,” she said.

Shiro, who has had her own ups and downs, further observed that: “Saying that you have not been divorced or have managed to stay in your marriage, does not prove you are good or bad. There are accidents and luck, so let us not point fingers at others.”

The musician’s most trying period in marriage was when she could not conceive for nearly a decade.

“I almost gave up but God came after nine years. It was not easy being called barren,” Shiro said.

Shiro, who runs Finetune School of Music in Kiambu, is promoting her new song ‘Thakame ya Jesu’ (Blood of Jesus).