Kiss FM morning show presenter Andrew Kibe has been dragged to court for allegedly failing to pay a seven-year-old loan.

Kibe had initially borrowed Sh215,000 from a colleague – Joshua Ichang’i Weru – in 2012 but failed to settle it within the stipulated 18 days, hence accruing interests of over Sh2 million.

The two had reportedly agreed on Sh55,000 as interest, Citizen Digital reports.

“Failure to complete the above contractual obligation by 28/02/2012 incurs an additional penalty of 7.5 percent in the above-mentioned interest for every four days exceeded from the disclaimer date,” court papers read.

As of June, 2018, when Mr Weru filed the suit, the loan stood at Sh2.5 million, which means that Kibe owes Weru even more money.

On Wednesday, the complainant asked the court to order that Kibe repay the loan with interest that is also subject to court rates. Weru also wants Andrew Kibe pay the cost of the lawsuit and other ‘relief’ that the court will deem fit.

The court has since instructed Kibe to pay Sh 500,000 by Thursday next week and appear in court to explain in detail how he will pay the balance.