In the world of beauty, how you appear makes the whole difference. Today, people have gone to great lengths to improve their cosmetic appearance, including undergoing several plastic surgeries. Not only that, adults are always looking for ways to achieve a younger look and glow.

While there are a lot of approaches to help you look younger and thinner, the hairstyle you wear can play a big role. Did you know that your hair can make you look fatter and older than you actually are? You are welcome! If you keep reading, you will find that there are so many hairstyles that can help you look younger and thinner by accentuating your best features. Here are seven of such haircuts:

1. Braids

Most people think braids should be reserved for kids and teenagers. However, wearing a braid as an older woman can make you look a lot younger than your actual age. You can diversify how you wear your braid. Try a simple braid at the crown of your head while giving it messy ends. This will transition your look immediately. The good thing with braids is that they can be shifted to work as per your preference. You can wear a braid even on the side, and transition your look right there.

2. Wavy Bob

A wavy bob can do a lot for you. For one, the bob will frame your face perfectly while highlighting the best features of your face. The waves in the style will keep it fun and young-looking. The soft layers in the hairstyle will add a little dimension to your overall look and help keep things interesting.

3. Bob

If you are prepared for the big chop, then the bob cut is exactly the hairstyle to go for. The style focuses a lot of attention on framing your jawbone and accentuating your cheekbone to make you look younger and thinner. Keep the bod straight and watch how transforming it will get.

4. Lob

For women who do not want to cut their hair, they can still experience the fun of having a bob cut. A lob is a bob cut that is done on longer hair. Even with the length, you will still achieve a nice-looking haircut that accentuates your youthfulness. Whether you decide to go for a bob or lob, keep it straight and elegant. You can also consider a middle or side part. A side part will add to the volume of the style a middle part will help keep everything sleek and styling.

5. Soft bangs

Bangs are not given enough credit for how much they do for women. Soft bangs add sophistication in women. The best kind of soft bangs comes close to the eyes. This hairstyle gets everyone focusing on your eyes and less on your wrinkles. It is also an easy style to pull off whether you have long or short hair.

6. The Textured Pixie

Unlike a typical pixie haircut, a textured pixie can rejuvenate your youthfulness. The hairstyle works by using pomade to add texture and volume to the pixie cut. This brings more fun to the hairstyle. You end up looking like part of the young generation and not so much the previous one. It is the perfect haircut for women will short hair.

7. Messy Shag

Sometimes letting your hair look a little messy can bring back the youthfulness you desire. The messy shag hairstyle incorporates a little bit of fun and flirtiness in it. The roughness and texture of the style make you look younger and thinner.


Instead of paying so much money to have your face redone and fix your wrinkles, you can get into youthfulness by trying out different hairstyles. Visit now to learn about all you can do to achieve all the hairstyles mentioned above.