The mother of Diamond Platnumz has lashed out at a ‘man of God’ who has been talking smack about her in relation to her ailing ex-husband.

The preacher identified as Pastor Komando Mashimo has for the past couple of weeks been accusing Mama Dangote of causing rifts between Diamond and his father Abdul Juma.

According to Mashimo, Diamond’s mother is the reason why the hitmaker has refused to extend a helping hand to his father – who only a few days ago said he was ready to die.

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The pastor maintains that he has been instructed by God to save Diamond’s family.

When he reached out to Mama Dangote to try and act as a mediator in the Diamond family rift, he was stopped in his tracks with a flurry of insults.

In a phone conversation, Diamond’s mother calls the pastor a dog and fires homophobic slurs accusing him of seeking fame through her family.

Below are excerpts of the conversation and an video.

Bi Sandra: (Answering the phone) Hello, nani? Mchungaji?

Pastor Mashimo: Ndio.

Bi Sandara: Bwana asifiwe.

Pastor Mashimo: Amina za kwako.

Bi Sandra: Eti mchungaji kwenye maona yangu nimekuona wewe kama s***a unatafuta mabwana, unatafuta kiki za kisengesenge si ndio? Wewe mchungaji gani unaongea maneno ya kisenge senge kuwachafua watu. Una akili timamu kweli wewe…

Pastor Mashimo: Sasa mama Diamond mimi ni mtumishi wa Mungu tujiheshimu.

Bi Sandra: Mbwa mkubwa wewe kwenda kabisa!