Diamond Platnumz’ father, Abdul Juma, has once again made a desperate plea to the singer to rescue him as he is in a critical condition.

The embattled Mr Juma has for the longest time now been begging the Bongo star for help to get treatment and improve his living conditions. According to Juma, even though his son is ranked as one of the richest Tanzanian celebs, he(Juma) continues to live a miserable life.

“When I started doing interviews, I thought I’d change my son’s stand, who is said to be one of the richest in Tanzania,” Juma told Tanzania’s Mwananchi.

“Even though I have a famous son in and out of the country, my life is just like this. I live in a simple house that I believe if ever Diamond gets stuck in life, he will come to live here because this is his home. I ask myself: What wrong have I ever done?”

Mr Juma added that the last he spoke with Diamond was when the artiste was still dating former beauty queen Wema Sepetu.

“They used to come together to greet me,” he said.

Diamond’s father said he has been having difficulty walking.

“Life now is not good. I have a leg problem. Sometimes, I can’t walk a long distance. My leg pains and sometimes, I can’t even get out of bed,” he said.

The latest plea comes days after Juma told another publication that he hopes Diamond will invite him to his wedding.

“Namuomba sana asiache kunialika, asiponialika nitaona amenidharau sana, nitajisikia vibaya”

(I urge him[Diamond] not to ignore me on his wedding day, if he does not invite me I will feel despised)

Abdul further disclosed that Diamond did not inform about the wedding as he learnt about from the village grapevine.

“Sijaambiwa habari za ndoa ila nasikia tu watu mitaani wanazungumzia suala hilo, kikubwa naomba iwe ya heri Mungu afanikishe nitafurahi sana mwanangu akioa

(I have not been informed about it but I’ve heard people talking about it in the streets. But I pray that God makes it successful. I will be happy if my son marries)

Diamond has never come around to forgiving his biological father whom he accused of abandoning his family when the singer was still young.