Despite having a kajulubeng(small member) as alleged by Vera Sidika, musician Otile Brown is still proving to be a hit among the ladies.

Part of his charm, I suppose, has been how well he has handled the latest sh*tstorm in his drama-filled and short-lived romance with the heavily-endowed socialite.

Many expected a knee-jerk reaction from Otile Brown, with some even suggesting that he should release Vera’s nudes to get back at her. Others just wanted a sex tape.

However, Otile has given Vera’s shenanigans the cold shoulder and gone about his business rather impressively by allowing his talent to do all the talking.

He recently had the ladies screaming at the top of their lungs as he rocked a show in Thika. Not only did Otile Brown thrill his crowd but also proved chivalry ain’t dead as he came to the rescue of a damsel in distress during his performance.

In a video posted on his social, a female fan is seen trying to join Otile Brown on stage before stumbling on her high heels. Having been raised well by his late mother, Otile Brown did the right thing and helped the lady, sending his female fans into a frenzy. Y’all should see the shawty on the far right!

Otile Brown captioned the video, “Came from a humble background but my late mother taught me well.. Am a humble being..I respect and love women…judge only from the truth #BadMan #wegotnothingbutlove.”

Check it out below. Timmy T’dat could learn a lesson or two.