Here are today’s top stories.

Qatar is pulling out of OPEC

The small, gas-rich state of Qatar said Monday that it will leave the oil cartel on January 1 after nearly 60 years of membership.

Jamal Khashoggi’s private WhatsApp messages may offer new clues to killing

In his public writings, Jamal Khashoggi’s criticism of Saudi Arabia and its Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was measured. In private, the Washington Post columnist didn’t hold back.

The astounding Putin-MBS high five

Julian Zelizer writes that the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Russia jovially greeted each other at the G20 summit, in a video that highlighted the diminished moral leadership role of the US under President Trump.

Trump and Xi celebrate warm talks but remain far away from a final deal on trade

It was the ceasefire global policy makers and investors were hoping President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping would reach in a turbulent trade war that has sparked global market turmoil.

Macron requests meeting between PM and ‘yellow vest’ protest leaders

French President Emmanuel Macron has asked Prime Minister Edouard Philippe to meet with heads of political parties and representatives of the so-called “yellow vests” in an attempt to defuse tensions that erupted into violent protests over the weekend.

Sully the service dog to accompany Bush one last time

Sully H.W. Bush, a yellow Labrador service dog who worked with the late former President George H.W. Bush, will be traveling with Bush’s casket on his flight to Washington, DC, according to a source familiar with the plans.

Nigeria’s President Buhari denies clone rumors: ‘This is the real me’

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has denied claims that he died and was replaced by a clone, calling the speculation “ignorant rumors.”

Trump says China to cut tariffs on US cars

Beijing will “reduce and remove” the 40% tariffs it places on US cars imported into China, US President Donald Trump has said. China has not commented on President Trump’s announcement, which he made on Twitter without providing details. The move, if confirmed, would be welcomed by a car industry unsettled by the escalating US-China trade war.

‘Disgrace’ as Africa deportees not contacted

Campaigners have accused the Home Office of a lack of “decency” after it emerged dozens of people deported to Commonwealth countries have not been contacted by the Windrush task force. Ministers said “no specific attempt” had been made to approach 49 people deported to Ghana and Nigeria in 2017.

NYPD find UK couple who lost ring in drain

Police in New York have found the couple who got engaged in Times Square on Friday but lost the ring down a grate. The NYPD tweeted on Sunday that arrangements were being made to return the ring to the pair, who are from the UK.

Climate change: Where we are in seven charts

Representatives from nearly 200 countries are gathering in Poland for talks on climate change – aimed at breathing new life into the Paris Agreement. The UN has warned the 2015 Paris accord’s goal of limiting global warming to “well below 2C above pre-industrial levels” is in danger because major economies, including the US and the EU, are falling short of their pledges.

Trump Had ‘Informal’ Conversation With Putin At G-20 Summit

Donald Trump had an “informal” conversation with Vladimir Putin at the G-20 summit in Argentina on Friday, one day after the U.S. president announced that he had decided to cancel a meeting with his Russian counterpart because of new developments in Russia’s conflict with Ukraine.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Breaks Silence, Denies Sexual Misconduct Accusations

For a variety of reasons, most justified, some unjustified, men accused of sexual impropriety in today’s “me-too” climate are presumed to be guilty by the court of public opinion. Emotions bypass due-process, people choose sides, and the social media wars begin. In any claim, evidence matters. Evidence always matters.

Utah Man Allegedly Shouted ‘I Hate Mexicans’ Before Attacking Latino Father And Son

A Utah man has been charged with aggravated assault for allegedly beating a Latino father and son outside their tire shop in Salt Lake City after yelling about his hatred of Mexicans. Salt Lake City police on Friday charged Alan Dale Covington, 50, with two felony counts of aggravated assault, as well as three weapon and drug charges.

‘Mission Complete’ For Sully, George H.W. Bush’s Service Dog

A heart-wrenching photograph of Sully, George H.W. Bush’s service dog, was taken Sunday, showing the Labrador retriever resting beside the former president’s casket. “Mission complete,” Bush’s spokesman, Jim McGrath, captioned the image on Twitter. Bush died Friday at the age of 94.

Conan O’Brien Doesn’t Hesitate Singling Out His Worst Guest Ever

The lanky, red-pompadoured comedian has been a TV talk show host for more than 25 years now, which means Conan O’Brien by his own estimation has interviewed over 12,000 guests. So it would have been fair to assume that picking one as his worst guest ever would be a challenge for O’Brien.

Nigeria’s Buhari Denies Dying And Being Replaced By Lookalike

ABUJA (Reuters) – Nigeria’s President Buhari on Sunday denied claims that he had died and been replaced by a Sudanese impostor, breaking his silence on a rumor that has circulated on social media for months. Buhari, who is running for re-election in February, spent five months in Britain last year being treated for an undisclosed illness.

Brie Larson is supercharged in powerful ‘Captain Marvel’ poster

Brie Larson is genuinely electrifying in a brand new poster for the upcoming Captain Marvel. Marvel Studios released a new look at the heroine of the forthcoming instalment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Sunday, ahead of a second trailer due to drop on Dec. 3.

After Bush Sr.’s death, Twitter grapples with the ex-president’s divisive legacy

The nation, and the internet, are remembering President George H.W. Bush following his death just after midnight on Dec. 1. Some obituaries and remembrances are highlighting what writers describe as his “civility” – a hot button word that pundits and critics have variably longed for in both the actions of political protesters, and our word-diarrhea prone President.

Dick Van Dyke, 92, puts Piers Morgan in his place on Twitter

The world spins, the sun rises, and Piers Morgan makes stupid jokes on Twitter. This time, though, it was actually a little fun for the rest of us – thanks to 92-year-old film and TV icon Dick Van Dyke.

A scientist claims to have made the world’s first gene-edited babies

Professor He Jiankui claims that he successfully altered the DNA of twins in order to make them immune to HIV. The scientist from China made the announcement through a YouTube video earlier this week, and has subsequently sparked moral concerns.