Details have emerged revealing the last moments before KTN actor Jamal Nassul Gadafi was fatally stabbed by his purported girlfriend.

Jamal, 39, and 40-year-old Grace Kanamu Namulo had attended a party at the Arks Hotel a few hours to 6 pm on Tuesday. They are said to have left the party for a butcher shop located a few meters from the restaurant, where they were trying to resolve their differences.

“They wanted somewhere quieter to solve their issues,” said a source who spoke in confidence to eDaily.

The butcher shop, where they went to have a meal and drinks, is allegedly owned by Gadafi. Unconfirmed reports suggest Ms Namulo owns shares to the shop.

Their arrival at the shop was timed at around 6 pm.

Jamal, who is fondly known as Baba Junior, and the suspect continued to argue over reasons police are yet to reveal.

During the heated argument, Ms Namulo allegedly grabbed “quite a long kitchen knife” and drove it into the chest of Mr Gadafi.

The incident, according to the police, took place at exactly 6:15 pm.

Mr Gadafi then fell to the ground with a sickening thud, which triggered panic in the suspect, who burst out in screams and caught the attention of revelers at the Arks Hotel.

“It [blood] was just too much,” said Musyi FM journalist Douglas Mutiso, who was privy to the chronological events.

“They [revelers] wanted to lynch her, but security guards at the hotel managed to whisk her to safety. The suspect was locked in a room in the hotel before police from Mlolongo post were alerted,” added Mutiso.

The journalist said Mr Gadafi’s elder brother and wife arrived at the scene a few minutes later and frantically rushed him to Shalom Hospital in Mlolongo, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Namulo’s children, who are in their late teens, also arrived at the Arks Hotel in a matter of minutes and requested to see their mother, a wish the security guards at the restaurant granted them.

Police arrived at the scene about half an hour later and arrested Ms Namulo. She was accompanied by her children.

Authorities said Ms Namulo was later transferred from Mlolongo to Mavoko Police Station where she recorded her statement.

The suspect is still in police custody as investigations continue.

Friends and acquiantaces of the actor in Syokimau claimed he was in a “relationship” with Ms Namulo that had turned turbulent in recent times.

“They had known each other for long, and we would hang out with them quite often. Of late, the two were constantly wrangling, and had even threatened to harm each other at some point,” said a source, who sought anonymity.

Jamal was a lead actor in KTN drama series “Junior” and had taken up a new role in the NTV comedy series “Auntie Boss”.

An actor with a promising future, Jamal won ‘Best Performance in a Comedy Award during the 2017 Kalasha Awards. He is also famed for his role as a judge in court dramedy series “Vioja Mahakamani”.