Otile Brown has broken his silence with regard to claims by Vera that he has a small penis.

The musician has been silent for quite a while but now appears to have weathered the storm caused by his ex-lover Vera Sidika. The heavily-endowed socialite had appeared to turn his world upside down when she alleged that Otile cannot satisfy her sexually.

As a result, Otile Brown has been the butt of the joke in social media circles with netizens constantly reminding him about his alleged ‘Kijulubeng’ (Small penis).

Well, Otile has brushed off the allegations and sensationally claimed that he is a beast.

This he did while responding to a comment by a fan on Instagram after Otile shared photos hanging out with his purported new catch, Diamond Platnumz’ ex Kimnana. The fan warned Otile Brown that soon, his new catch might expose him like Vera did.

“Hivi ndio unaanzaga my G my bff my homie kidogo tunaskia kijulubeng,” wrote the fan.

To which Otile Brown retorted saying: “Kijulubeng ni wewe. Usidanganywe, mimi napiga matako kama ajira. bora nipende mzigo.”