The main suspect in the murder of Jamal Gaddafi alias ‘Baba Junior’ has denied killing the award-winning actor.

Grace Kanamu, 40, in her preliminary statement to the police, said that Jamal Gadaffi fell on a kitchen knife. She said it was an accident and it was not her intent to kill him.

“Gaddafi accidentally fell on the kitchen knife when the argument we were having got heated. It’s not true that I killed him,” she stated.

The accused added that she “stumbled upon Mr Gaddafi writhing in pain after he fell on a kitchen knife.”

But according to a police report, Grace Kanamu Namu allegedly stabbed the ‘Junior’ actor in the chest.

“It was reported that Jamal Gaddafi (39), was having a party at Arks Hotel near 67 Airport Hotel on the night of December 11, 2018. There was a quarrel between him and his friend Grace Kanamu Namulo (40). She picked a knife and stabbed him,” reads the police report.

The suspect appeared before Senior Principal Magistrate Charity Oluoch at the Mavoko Law Courts Thursday morning but did not take any plea.

The prosecution requested to be granted more time to complete investigations. The court granted the request and directed that the suspect is detained for five days.

She is being held at the Mlolongo Police Station.

The accused was represented by lawyer Cliff Ombeta who sought the court’s permission to have the suspect taken to hospital for treatment.

“I direct that the accused be locked up at Mlolongo Police Station until December 18 when she will be returned to court for mentioning. She should be taken to hospital for treatment,” directed the magistrate.