Nairobi-based socialite Huddah Monroe has stirred controversy on social media after advising women to allow their significant others to sleep around.

In a series of posts on Instagram, the petite eye candy disclosed that she is living proof that one can be happy if they let their partner fool around. Her only condition is that her man must use protection to avoid contracting infections and diseases.

“I tell my man he can [expletive] whoever he wants but make sure you use protection and don’t fall in love. Give me all your money, all your babies and your emotions and we [will be] good!” wrote Huddah.

Huddah further advised Kenyan women against leaving their unfaithful partners.

“Don’t ever leave your man for cheating. Leave if he is beating you or if he has no brain to make money. You don’t want a dummy in your life,” she said.

According to Huddah, men are visual beings who cannot be sexually satisfied by one woman.

“Let them play as long as he doesn’t get babies outside or diseases. And if he is cheating and he is broke, leave him.”

Huddah also advised the Kenyan girl child to act on their desires for men who are not their partners.

“Be a busy woman and you will not have time to think of your man cheating. If you desire another man apart from your boyfriend or husband go ahead and cheat,” Huddah penned.

Worryingly, a majority of Huddah’s followers accepted her trash as the gospel truth.

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