There are the biggest stories as we end the week.

Live: Brexit deal in crisis

What we’re covering What we’re covering Happening now: Prime Minister Theresa May is addressing UK parliament and answering questions. Big resignations: Huge blow for UK PM Theresa May as Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab and Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey quit the Cabinet. Earlier this morning junior Northern Ireland minister Shailesh Vara also resigned.

Saudis seek death penalty, details Khashoggi’s death

Five people allegedly involved in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi will face the death penalty, Saudi prosecutors said Thursday.

Trump’s mood takes a foul turn: ‘He’s pissed — at damn near everyone’

A political clobbering, bickering aides and now a public grenade launched across the White House by the first lady have placed President Donald Trump in a position he loathes: backed into a corner.

France accuses Trump of lacking ‘common decency’

Emmanuel Macron’s spokesman accused Donald Trump of lacking “common decency” Wednesday after the US President blasted his French counterpart in a series of tweets following his visit to Paris.

Denmark withholds nearly $10 million in aid money to Tanzania

Denmark has withheld $9.8 million in aid money to Tanzania over “unacceptable homophobic” comments made by one of the country’s government officials.

Bitcoin plunges below $6,000 to lowest level in more than a year

Bitcoin’s price plummeted more than 10% on Wednesday, with industry experts saying it was hit by uncertainty surrounding the expected split of another major cryptocurrency, bitcoin cash.

Ralph Lauren to become first American designer to receive British knighthood

Written by Channing Hargrove, Refinery29 This is an edited version of an article originally published by Refinery29, the leading next-gen media and entertainment company focused on women. The opinions in this article belong to the author. Now we have concrete proof Queen Elizabeth II knows the power of fashion.

Frozen super-Earth discovered six light-years away

Astronomers have found a frozen exoplanet more than three times the mass of Earth, orbiting a star that’s only six light-years away. The exoplanet is orbiting Barnard’s star, the closest solitary star to our sun.

Uber driving golfer challenges leaders at Australian Open

More accustomed to driving customers around in his Uber, Adam Stephens didn’t expect to be driving his way through the field at the Australian Open on Thursday.

The day silence falls over South Korea

All across South Korea, at exactly 08:40 local time (23:40 GMT Wednesday) on Thursday, more than half a million students take the exam for which they have been preparing their entire lives.

The Indian man in prison for cracking jokes

For nearly a month, a 41-year-old Indian man has been in prison for posting five satirical tweets. In September, Abhijit Iyer-Mitra, a Delhi-based defence specialist with some 20,000 Twitter followers posted what he himself described as a “disparaging” video from a visit to the 13th Century Konark temple in the eastern state of Orissa.

Should we pay people for donating blood?

Scotty Hearron says he was a “broke college student” the first time he got paid for donating some of his blood plasma. This was a few years ago when he was at university in Oregon. Having plasma extracted eight times over a four-week period (the maximum allowed in the US) he could earn $280 (£216) every month.

Japan’s cyber-minister ‘never used computers’

Japan’s new cyber-security minister has dumbfounded his country by saying he has never used a computer. Yoshitaka Sakurada made the admission to a committee of lawmakers. “Since I was 25 years old and independent I have instructed my staff and secretaries.

Ugandan army to protect Chinese businesses

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has ordered the army to protect Chinese companies following a spate of thefts. Addressing a group of 120 Chinese investors on Wednesday, Mr Museveni announced increased patrols and CCTV installation in industrial parks. China has significant investments in Uganda but businesses have lost large sums of money in robberies.

Plan to pedestrianise centre of Paris

The Mayor of Paris has plans to pedestrianise the centre of the French capital, which includes landmarks such as Notre Dame Cathedral, reports say. The plans would severely restrict traffic in the city’s first four districts, known as arrondissements, with electric shuttles brought in as an alternative, AFP reported.

Oh cool, you can see how much time you waste on Instagram now

Last year, Instagram was rated as the most damaging social network for one’s mental wellbeing. It’s unsurprising all those vanity and #influencer posts weren’t really doing us any favours, and now the app is rolling out a way to track your usage, and to limit it if need be.

Kanye West and Mark Zuckerberg sang the Backstreet Boys at karaoke

Although Kanye West didn’t get that billion dollars from Mark Zuckerberg he asked for back in 2016, they seem to be alright friends. On Twitter, West posted a photo of him and the Facebook CEO in the midst of a karaoke session, where the artist said they sang the Backstreet Boys’ 1999 classic “I Want It That Way.”

Facebook held back on Trump and Russia so Republicans wouldn’t get angry

Community first, eh? A New York Times report published Wednesday is full of bombshells about how Facebook has handled (and mishandled) its last two years of turmoil. Amidst allegations of pettiness and tales of public relations coups, the report reveals how hard Facebook tried to remain in the good graces of politicians, even at the expense of the ” transparency” and ” community” it champions.

The US Army is looking for gamers to compete in esports

The United States Army is in a bind. It failed to meet its recruitment goal this year, so it’s looking for other, newer ways to drum up interest with today’s youth. The Army has decided to get into esports.