Here are today’s top headlines.

Exclusive: Slain journalist’s sons seek closure with plea for father’s body

Jamal Khashoggi’s sons tell CNN that without their father’s body, their family is unable to grieve or find closure.

Iran’s president vows to defy Trump sanctions

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani vowed to defy US sanctions as penalties targeting the country’s oil-and-gas sector went into effect on Monday.

Iran is still exporting oil as sanctions deadline passes

US sanctions on Iran that are supposed to prevent it from selling oil on world markets went into effect on Monday.

UN begins investigation into UK’s extreme poverty

The United Nations has launched an investigation into extreme levels of poverty in one of the richest countries in the world: the United Kingdom.

Newlyweds die in helicopter crash leaving their wedding

A newlywed couple died early Sunday after the helicopter carrying them from their wedding crashed in Uvalde, Texas.

Can South Korea fix its deadly working culture and give people their lives back?

It takes Park Hyun-suk, a widow who lost her husband to gwarosa — the Korean word for death by overwork — a long time to find a photo of them together.

Trump, Obama square off in whirlwind weekend before midterm elections

President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama traded blow after blow as they crossed the country in the final weekend of campaigning before Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Artist of Mo Salah statue ‘not happy’ with ‘final product’

If you’re a sculptor it seems there’s no tougher job than delivering an accurate representation of the world’s best footballers.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. to face kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in Japan

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. will fight kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa on New Year’s Eve in Japan.

Iran vows to ‘break’ US sanctions

The US is re-imposing sanctions that were lifted as part of the 2015 nuclear agreement.

‘Experts sent’ to hide Khashoggi death

A senior Turkish official says Saudi Arabia sent a team to erase evidence at its consulate.

Two buildings collapse in French city

Rescue workers are checking the rubble for casualties after the collapse of two buildings.

Frantic final day for US mid-term campaign

America’s highly charged electoral campaign heads for its climax, as rivals step up their rhetoric.

Mo Salah statue in Egypt raises eyebrows

The sculpture of the Liverpool star was unveiled at an event in Sharm al-Sheikh on Sunday.

Does sex addiction really exist?

It’s a year since movie mogul Harvey Weinstein checked himself into a sex addiction clinic – but does sex addiction really exist?

Spice Girls to announce reunion tour

The iconic girl group are set to unveil their first tour for a decade – but it will be without Posh.

That Racist Trump Ad CNN Refused To Air? NBC Just Ran It In Prime Time.

The president has moved to whip up voters’ fears of the migrant caravan ahead of Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Gab, Social Network Favored By The Far-Right, Goes Back Online

It had been shut down following the massacre at a Pittsburgh synagogue.

Trump Has Been Playing Rihanna Songs At Rallies. ‘Not For Much Longer,’ Singer Says.

“Me nor my people would ever be at or around one of those tragic rallies,” the singer wrote.

Twitter On Fire Over Washington Examiner Tweet Saying ‘Trump Is Going To Hell’

The conservative news site deleted the tweet roughly two hours later and said the account had been hacked.

iPad Pro (2018) review: Apple reinvents the tablet… again

Apple’s iPad Pros (2018) are such powerful mobile computers, you need to change the way you work to truly get the most out of them.

Elon Musk knows some of his tweets are too much and that ‘Tesla cannot die’

Elon Musk talks to Recode’s Kara Swisher about Tesla, tweeting, working too much, electric vehicles, tunnels, SpaceX and more.

A brief history of presidents jogging in short-shorts

A brief look back at U.S. presidents who chose to exercise publicly while wearing tiny running shorts.

Ariana Grande is cool with all her exes in new song ‘thank u, next’

Ariana Grande released a new song, ‘thank u, next’, which references both Mac Miller and Pete Davidson.