Here are today’s top headlines.

Veterans slam Trump for border ‘stunt’

With his decision to deploy more than 5,000 troops to the US-Mexico border, President Donald Trump has ordered more military personnel to the US southwest than he has serving in some of the world’s most contentious combat zones.

Two Chinese intelligence officers accused of stealing US jet engine tech

Two Chinese intelligence officers have been charged by the United States Justice Department with trying to steal the details for a type of jet engine technology from US-based companies.

Russia’s only aircraft carrier damaged while under repair as floating dry dock sinks

A hole was gouged in the deck of Russia’s only aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov, Tuesday when a crane fell on it while the vessel was undergoing repairs in the northern city of Murmansk, according to Russian state media.

Birthright citizenship: Trump claims only the US grants it, he’s wrong

US President Donald Trump vowed Tuesday to end birthright citizenship — the process by which babies born in the country automatically become citizens — by executive order, while claiming the US was the only nation around the world to grant such rights.

Wait, Hillary might run for president again?

Sheeeeeeeee’s back!

World’s tallest statue opens amid surge in Indian mega-monuments

The 597-foot-tall sculpture of Sardar Patel is the latest product of a nationwide wave of statue-building.

German former nurse admits killing 100 patients

A German former nurse on Tuesday admitted murdering 100 patients, making him one of the country’s deadliest post-war serial killers.

Court acquits Christian woman on death row

Asia Bibi was sentenced to death in Pakistan in 2010 after being convicted of blasphemy.

US calls for swift ceasefire in Yemen

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urge all sides to hold talks soon.

Ten years of Bitcoin

Bitcoin was born ten years ago. What has it brought the world?

Why Canada still charges women with witchcraft

A law against pretending to be a witch is set to be repealed, but not before two women are charged.

A young country for old men

Why have Nigeria’s main parties both chosen septuagenarian presidential candidates?

Wrong weight ‘can cost four years of life’

People who are overweight or underweight could live shorter lives than those with a healthy BMI, a study says.

The Bizarre And Failed Attempt To Smear Robert Mueller

The Justice Department asked the FBI to investigate false claims against the special counsel, but that’s just the beginning. This is real fake news.

Paul Ryan Rejects Trump’s Claim He Can End Birthright Citizenship

“Well, you obviously cannot do that,” the House speaker said.

‘Rabbi’ At Mike Pence Rally Thinks Jews Who Deny Christ Go To Hell

Loren Jacobs invoked Jesus in praying for the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting victims.

Priyanka Chopra’s Bridal Shower Looked Like An Awesome Mini Wedding

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas got engaged over the summer.

Kanye Claims He’s Done With Politics, Says He’s ‘Been Used’

It’s unclear if the rapper plans to put down his much-loved Make America Great Again hat.

Apple is slowly squeezing even more out of customers

Apple unveiled the new iPad Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini at its Brooklyn event on Tuesday. The base pricing for each product is now significantly higher.

Uber officially launches $15 monthly subscription ride passes

Uber offers $15 per month ride pass for unlimited discounted set prices on the ride-hailing app. Lyft launched a subscription ride pass earlier this month.

Little girl’s headless Halloween costume is absolutely incredible

A little girl named Maya went trick-or-treating this year as a headless child, and it was absolutely terrifying.

With new $2,300 iPad Pro, Apple proves itself a bunch of brilliant jerks

Am I going to have to buy it? I’m going to have to buy it.

Apple reveals redesigned iPad Pro tablets with USB-C and no home button

Apple unveiled two redesigned iPad Pros during a press event in Brooklyn. The new tablets are Apple’s first to have FaceID, no home button, and USB-C ports.