Kenyan preacher and motivational speaker Pastor Robert Burale has finally addressed the recent backlash he received for preaching with a hat on.

Burale, who doubles up as an image consultant, found himself on the receiving end of judgemental keyboard warriors when he delivered a sermon wearing a Kangol hat.

While some people just thought he was being his stylish self as a self-professed fashion expert, others called him names such as ‘Slay King Preacher.’

However, on Monday, the popular preacher dropped a bombshell on why he rocked the hat saying he was concealing a major scar on the top of his head. In doing so, Robert Burale also delivered a profound lesson on why we should never judge what we don’t know.

“LESSON 101 ..NEVER JUDGE WHAT YOU DONT KNOW… Some time back I preached with a hat on… I remember some online brigade came out all guns blazing “How can you preach with your hat on blah blah. Huyu ni slay king preacher ???? The keyboard was like Ak47 ???But little did they know underneath was a major scar.” narrated Burale.

Burale further wrote, “When you see a man/woman limping don’t assume they are drunk. Maybe in the dislocation is their revelation.

“When you see someone dancing like crazy in church. Don’t call them idle. Maybe they had bled for 12 years and met the God of “SUDDENLY THE BLEEDING STOPPED ”