Comedy group Propesa has assured their fans that they are fine after being involved in a road accident along Mombasa road on Monday.

The popular Kalenjin comedians blamed the accident on a reckless driver who hit their Toyota Allion while trying to overtake.

“We were driving from Athi River to Nairobi and at Mlolongo when some reckless driver, trying to overtake us, hit our car at the driver’s side. Our vehicle rolled to the ditch and overturned, but we are happy no one has a problem,” said lead comedian, Kimutai Ruto.

“We are all fine no one was injured. But the car was badly damaged. We Thank God.  The doctor confirmed we are all fine after we went for check-up.”

Propesa added that they are working on mentoring young upcoming comedians from the Rift Valley region.

“We think God has a lot for us and he expects a lot from us. We are mentoring young talents from Rift Valley, who are doing comedy as a business,” Kimutai said.

“We are starting something with our social media platforms to get other people to do the same like we do. We need them to exhibit what they have in our platforms, and then if the public likes what they are doing, then from there you can get on and open their platforms and start earning something for themselves.”