Comedian Vincent Muasya alias Chipukeezy is being linked with a hot new catch after his failed engagement to Vivian Kerubo.

According to word on the street, Chipukeezy has found greener pastures in one Kibanja, whose Instagram account – @princessa?– paints the perfect picture of a young, happy-go-lucky girl who, like most slay queens, likes to flaunt her curves.

Chipukeezy is being linked with Kibanja after she reportedly shared an image wearing similar shoes as a mystery woman in the comedian’s Instagram stories.

A quick check through her social shows that the two have known each other for quite a while – a photo they had taken together dates back to February this year.

This has led some to believe that Kibanja is the man-snatcher Chipukeezy’s ex-fiancée was referring to following their breakup. After deleting all images of Chipukeezy, Ms Kerubo hinted that her boyfriend had been stolen.

Chipukeezy has also resolved to never publicize his private life again and this could explain why he has kept mum on his rumored relationship with Kibanja.

I guess it will only be a matter of time before the truth comes out and we will be here to update you.

For now, feast your eyes on Kibanja, who in all honesty looks way out of Chipukeezy’s league.