Kenyan comedian Oga Obinna is without a doubt one of the high-earners in the Kenyan showbiz industry. From comedy, emceeing, and singing, Obinna is a bonafide Jack of all trades whose hands are always full.

The comedian recently made headlines when he bought his dad a car. He’s also been cruising around in a Land Rover Discovery which he bought himself as a Christmas present.

Last week, he served as an inspiration to many when he flaunted his latest acquisition and the story behind it.

That aside, Obinna talked about his Land Rover and how he got the money to splash.

You recently bought a new car for your father. What informed the make you picked for him?

I know what my father likes so I followed my intuition.

This flashy Range Rover is your car number…?

My third car. My first car was a Bluebird Sylphy and the second a Mark2 that I sold and got this one.

Does it have a nickname?

Not yet. Still trying to get used to it then depending on its ‘character’, we can name it something (laughs).

How much did it cost you?

Around Sh3.5 million

Did you save for it or you had a windfall?

Yes I did (save). For about a year man.

What do you like most about the car?

The performance is amazing and its comfort.

What dictates the car you buy?

The money in my account (laughs).

How much do you use on fuel on average per week?

I honestly don’t calculate. Wherever I need to go I will go.

Is it your dream car?

Nope. My dream car is a Bentley Mulsanne.

Can you ride in public transport?

I can. I’m a very chilled person. I don’t mind it provided I sit at the front.