Musician Gilad Millo is celebrating a major milestone after quitting cigarette smoking.

The Israeli-born diplomat-turned-musician has now gone six months without a puff of tobacco after struggling to quit for decades.

Gilad opened up about his struggle with smoking during an interview with Shaffie and Adele on Kiss FM.

“I have smoked cigarettes for 32 years now and I quit. I never believed I could do it but I did,” he said.

He added, “I have stopped smoking for six months now. That’s like the biggest thing in my life.”

The 47-year-old singer has been on a media tour to promote his second collab with Dela Maranga, Fire, in which he showcases his dance moves for the first time in a music video.

According to Gilad, he had to work out for the shoot and even lost a considerable amount of weight.

“I had to go for dancing lessons and even worked out for a few days to make sure our bodies would be fit for the dance. I have lost 25kg from that,” he said.

Gilad and Dela, who have previously collaborated in ‘Nakuahidi’, are set to perform in Israel on Jamuhuri day, courtesy of the Kenyan Embassy.