Seasoned media personality and comedian Sande Bush or Dr Ofweneke to his fans has revealed one of the lowest points in his celebrity lifestyle.

According to the television talk show host, this was when he was accused of being a wife batterer by his ex-fiancee, gospel singer Nicah the Queen.

Dr Ofweneke says the assault allegation was the first time his “clean” brand was involved in controversy. He even shed tears.

“The most embarrassing moment in my life was reading stories about me on social media that I was a wife batterer. It was the lowest in my life and I even cried,” Ofweneke told Massawe on Radio Jambo.

“My brand was clean and I had never had controversy before. I had to cancel the meeting with a client, went home and I locked myself to cry.”

The comedian maintained that their relationship was good but lacked a good foundation, unlike what was spread on social media.

“I think there were so many things that we missed when we started the marriage. Both of us had a part to play in making the marriage fail and so we don’t blame anyone. The marriage was good and we got a kid together, which I really appreciate and take care of,” he said.

The comedian further said that they have both moved on and are in good terms.

“Nicah and I are the best of friends and we even enjoy ourselves. At times I miss her and regret if we did things differently, we would have been far,” he said.

“If I was violent, we could not be friends like we are. I make sure I talk to my daughter every day because she has provided a good platform for me to raise them with her other daughter.”

Dr Ofweneke also revealed that he is currently dating and a wedding is on the cards.

“What I am sure of is, I will marry soon and I am dating someone special.”