Catholic Father Charles Fryda who was unceremoniously kicked out the ownership of St Mary’s Hospital is back on the news for the wrong reasons. Again.
His ouster earlier this year came after he was charged for fraud, uttering a false document and conspiracy to defraud.

In a ruling by Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi he was ordered to pay Sh500,000 as bond to secure his release from custody pending his trial.
And now, just months after a Nakuru court declared Assumption Sisters of Nairobi as the legal owners of the multi-billion St Mary’s Mission Hospital- the catholic priest is now using bloggers to throw dirt at the new owners.

In an e-mail reportedly written to the pope, the father in cahoots with his allies alleges that the mission has refused to pay him his dues and has left the running of the mission to an incapable daughter of the night.

The email also claims that The Assumptions Sisters of Nairobi have stolen over Ksh. 130,000,000 from the accounts of Father William Fryda- claims that cannot be substantiated.

In the letter,he refers to Sister Constantine Chepchirchir Bett- who is heading the ministry- as a harlot and claims that there is enough evidence of her many escapades across Nairobi .

The information contained in the letter was first shared online by Cyprian Nyakundi. A self-styled rubblerouser and online mercenary for hire.
And it appears to be yet another dirty trick in the books of a disgraced catholic priest who was kicked out of the missionary on accounts of fraud and dishonesty.