Last month, actress Brenda Wairimu stunned Instagram when she decided to showcase her elegant figure in a risqué nude photoshoot that has left netizens at her mercy.

In a couple of Instagram pictures, the ‘Disconnect’ actress flaunted her enviable petite shape in white lace lingerie.

In one of the photos, Brenda paired her lacy underwear with a pair of thigh-high stockings, sending her followers, both male and female into a “thirst” frenzy.

Brenda has now opened up about the photoshoot saying that she is happy she did not have to explain why she posted the pictures.

“Every time I am doing a shoot there is always a reason,” Brenda told Adelle on Kiss FM.

“When I did, I tried not to explain anything because they spoke differently to different people. People telling me what those pictures meant to them. People sent me direct messages, explaining to me what the pictures meant to them.”

“Earlier on, I knew I wanted to share those kinds of photos because they meant it is good to appreciate your sexuality and even your body,” she said.

“When someone is wearing a bikini and another one is wearing lingerie or underwear, then the things that are covered are the same, but there is always this thing of, ooh my! it’s lingerie in your bedroom, you shameful woman.”

Brenda stars in a movie, Subira, which will premiere on November 29 at Westgate at 7 pm.

“‘Subira’ is all about the patience, determination and all the things that you got to do to get to where you have to reach, regardless of who says you are not supposed to do,” she said.

Subira tells the story of a young girl who is determined to live her dream of being a swimmer against the odds of restrictive local customs and a looming arranged marriage to an upper class family.