Amani Gracious, the Kenyan teenage singing sensation whose life completely transformed after singing ‘Girl On Fire’ by Alicia Keys, says gospel singer Size 8 has been her mentor. This despite the fact that they have never met.

“Size 8 has also been my mentor, although I have not met her. The way she was before turning to gospel is very different to who she has turned out to be now,” she said.

“She was different, now you see her down on her knees, praying, and that is who I want to be. I want to be interceding for people. She was very naughty in her music, but God has changed her. I would also like to be a more godly person and to never part from His ways.”

The ‘Ni Poa’ singer also opened up about her father’s role as a mentor in music.

“My dad inspired me so much in music even before I became a superstar. Seeing him struggle out there to earn from his music gives me courage to work harder at this young age,” she said.

“He is getting old and I will be the one to fill his gap.”

Amani G added, “I have to understand what the industry entails, and I would like to take after him. I know he will mentor me so well and even how to manage myself,” Amani said.

“There is a time I will be alone and that is what I want to learn from him now. My mum will not be there all through my life to monitor me. No, there will be a time she will be doing her own things because I will be mature. So that is why I am using this opportunity to learn from my dad how to manage my money as an artiste.”

The thirteen-year-old is gearing towards the release of her debut EP having already released three gospel songs in five months.

“The EP is called ’13’, and it is based on my 13 years since I was born, and of course the five months that have changed my life,” Amani told Word Is.

The EP launch is scheduled for December 2 and will be graced by guest artistes such as Daddy Owen, Moji Short Baba, Timeless Noel, and Pitson.