Controversial gospel hitmaker Willy Paul has set tongues wagging again. And as we have come to expect, they are not wagging in his favour.

Days after he got into an ugly online feud with his critics over his pictures with Jamaican songbird Samantha J, Willy Paul has now attracted the wrath of netizens for showing off money.

In a video shared on his Instagram on Wednesday, the contemporary singer flaunted bundles of cash as he self-advertised his record label.

The clip shows the singer seated in his office chair with his feet up in the air, perhaps to show off his shoes too.

“Welcome to Saldido International where all the magic happens,” says Willy Paul in the clip.

He goes on to pretend to be stashing the money in a fanny pack but it does not fit prompting him to pull out a bigger envelope instead.

“God is good. From Mathare to this,” he says.

He captioned the video: “We can change your life.


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This is where all the magic come to LIFE .. @saldido_international We can change ur life… #thekingrulesthejungle #RESPECTPOZZE

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The post attracted further criticism from his followers who accused him of being vain and worldly contrary to what he is supposed to preach as a gospel singer.

One Roman Kinyanjui wrote: “Behavioural experts say flaunting to such an extent reveals an underlying problem in the individual. “A person who is overly showy and has an excess need to divulge details about their financial success to the public may be suffering from a self-inadequacy of esteem and worth,” says Mr Hiram Chomba, a counselling psychologist and physiotherapist at Befrienders Kenya.”

nicholas_amisi added: “How does that Relate with evangelism?”

erick_oirere8725 commented: “Pesa huisha but what determines is that your is pure?? And can’t yu visit to those who are in hospital like pumuani they need your help.”

sent_mike added: “Bro it’s not bad to have money, remember money can’t buy Life, I will be happy to see you building churches and children’s home instead of showing off, remember the song sung by mary The mother of Jesus”God uplift The humble and opposes the proud, take care poze.”

mike_kahuthu added: “All is vanity.. Zitaisha tu.”