Catholic bishop Bishop Joseph Mbatia has called for the banning of same-sex schools in Kenya saying these schools do not teach social skills.

Mbatia, while condemning rising cases of domestic violence in the country, attributed the menace to a lack of social skills and faulted Kenya’s same-sex schools.

The Bishop, who is renowned for his unique way of incorporating secular songs in his sermons, blamed single-sex schools for creating gender stereotypes and a barrier to unique relationships.

“For example, girls will only know what they’re told about boys and the same will apply to boys only knowing what they are told about girls,” he said.

Mbatia further condemned single-sex schools for not preparing people for marriage despite empowering them academically.

“They don’t prepare people for marriage hence it will be difficult for the children to cope with life after school,” Bishop Mbatia said.

On incorporating secular songs in his sermons, the 57-year-old bishop said it is a great way of attracting more people from different age groups to the church, especially the youth, as they feel appreciated.

“I have been using secular songs for 29 years now, and this is my unique way of preaching because I choose specific songs which have the same meaning as the day’s reading, and the relation it has really helped,” said the clergyman.

The Bishop added that since he can sing more than 1,000 secular songs comfortably, some people judge him, speculating that he attends secular dances.

“I don’t attend any of such gatherings. My interest in secular music started when I was a small boy, and that is why I have mastered so many songs. My aim is only to pass the message to the people,” he explained.