President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto have vowed to re-evaluate their lives in a bid to get into heaven.

The heads of state were reacting to a thought-provoking sermon by Bishop Harrison Ng’ang’a of the Christian Foundation Fellowship Church. The clergyman delivered the sermon during the burial of legendary musician Joseph Kamaru at Muthithi Primary school in Murang’a on Thursday.

Bishop Harrison Ng’ang’a drew his inspiration from the scriptures in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 about the righteous inheriting the kingdom of God.

He appeared to be hinting at the theft of public funds and corruption in government warning that many people will be shocked to remain on earth when others are going to heaven.

“Every person who goes to their neighbours’ home behind their back or takes what is not theirs will not see the Kingdom of God. I’m I the one who said this? Have I not read it from the Bible?” the bishop posed as the crowd cheered.

The sermon left Uhuru and DP Ruto reflecting on their lives and wondering whether they would make it to heaven.

In his speech, Ruto indicated that the sermon had him worried.

Bishop Harrison Ng’ang’a ametutia wasiwasi sana na hiyo story ya mbinguni. Hata mimi na Rais tukaulizana kama tutaenda ama tutaachwa.”

(Bishop Harrison Ng’ang’a has made us worried about the sermon on going to heaven. The President and I questioned each other on whether we will go to heaven or we will be left behind)

He added: “I want to assure the bishop that we shall do everything to ensure we don’t miss heaven. We shall do all the things that you have said so that we can be on the list.”

For his part, President Kenyatta revealed that he had told Ruto that he knew some of the reasons why he(DP Ruto) might fail to see heaven.

Wakati mahubiri yalikua yakiendelea, mimi na William tulikua tunajadaliana. Nikamwambia ‘eh William kuna maneno hapo yametajwa ambayo mimi naona itakuzuia kuingia huko. Na yeye akaniambia pia yeye anaona kuna kitu itanizuia.”

(During the mass, William and I were discussing the sermon. I told William that I could see what might deny him entry to heaven. He also told me he sees what can prevent me as well and we agreed to change our ways).

Uhuru further roped in Raila Odinga’s counsel on the journey (going to heaven) noting they had no option but to abandon the clear road and take the thorny and rough path to the heavenly home.

The former Prime Minister had asked politicians not to be comfortable on the smooth highway but to take the rough road that leads to paradise.