Kenya’s showbiz clowns Vera Sidika and Otile Brown are still keeping at it with their silly publicity stunts as it emerges that they have now made up.

The two, who are clearly unashamed of capitalising on their fans’ emotions to push their respective brands, are in Dubai, where Vera Sidika has been living large to celebrate her birthday.

Otile Brown joined her in Dubai a few days later ahead of his Thursday show at Zinc Club.

Ahead of the show, the two clowns hooked up and made sure social media knew about it. From Otile Brown’s Insta-stories, the two were seen flirting and exchanging sweet nothings outside a hotel before proceeding to their hotel room.

Inside the elevator, they were seen cozying next to each other with Vera pampering Otile Brown’s face.

Otile Brown further posted a picture inside their hotel room and hinted that the kiss and make up we all anticipated was complete.

He simply captioned the pic: MINE, while Vera wrote on her page: HIS.

In doing so, the two clowns evoked fury from most of their fans who expressed their displeasure for being toyed with.

The pics: