Here are today’s biggest stories.

Erdogan: Jamal Khashoggi was victim of ‘ferocious’ pre-planned murder

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan detailed Turkey’s investigation into the death of Jamal Khashoggi for the first time on Tuesday during a highly anticipated speech that cast doubt over the kingdom’s claim that the Saudi journalist’s killing wasn’t premeditated.

Chinese President Xi Jinping opens world’s longest sea-crossing bridge

Chinese President Xi Jinping officially opened the world’s longest sea-crossing bridge Tuesday at a ceremony in the southern city of Zhuhai.

Trump embraces ‘nationalist’ title at Texas rally

President Donald Trump declared himself a “nationalist” during his rally here on Monday night, officially tagging himself with the label that has long defined his populist rhetoric and protectionist policies.

Bible Museum says five of its Dead Sea Scrolls are fake

The Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC says five of its most valuable artifacts — once thought to be part of the historic Dead Sea Scrolls — are fake and will not be displayed anymore.

Roman Reigns gives up WWE Universal Championship to fight leukemia

Professional wrestler Leati Joseph Anoaʻi, better known by his stage name Roman Reigns, has announced that he is stepping away from the ring due to an ongoing fight against leukemia.

Ronaldo rape claim: My lawyers are confident

Cristiano Ronaldo said he was a “happy man” and that the truth will come out about the rape allegation against him, while answering questions Monday at a news conference in Manchester, England.

Starbucks opens its first US sign language store

Washington, DC (CNN) – How do you say “frappuccino” in American Sign Language? That’s one of the many questions customers have at the latest branch of Starbucks, which opened on October 23 in Washington, DC.

‘Oldest intact wreck’ found in Black Sea

A Greek merchant ship dating back more than 2,400 years has been found lying on its side off the Bulgarian coast. The 23m (75ft) wreck, found in the Black Sea by an Anglo-Bulgarian team, is being hailed as officially the world’s oldest known intact shipwreck.

Longest sea-crossing bridge set to open

The world’s longest sea crossing bridge is set to open on Tuesday, nine years after construction first began. Including its access roads, the bridge spans 55km (34 miles) and connects Hong Kong to Macau and the mainland Chinese city of Zhuhai. Chinese President Xi Jinping is believed to be attending the opening ceremony on the Zhuhai side on Tuesday.

German who poisoned baby food is jailed

A man who contaminated adult and baby food in Germany has been sentenced to 12-and-a-half years in prison for attempted murder and extortion. The 54-year-old admitted placing poisoned jars of food in supermarkets and blackmailing retailers by offering to identify items, local media report. He targeted retailers in the southern city of Friedrichshafen last year.

Nasa photographs rectangular iceberg

Nasa has released a striking photo of a rectangular iceberg floating in the Weddell Sea off Antarctica. The US space agency said the object’s sharp angles and flat surface suggested it had recently broken away from an ice shelf. The edges are still pointed, and have not yet been worn down by the ocean waves.

John Lewis pulls the plug on DVD players

The DVD’s days appear to be numbered after the UK’s favourite department store said it would stop selling the players once found under almost every television. John Lewis said it would not put more players on shelves when stocks run out.

People Are Living Inside Landfills As The World Drowns In Its Own Trash

Sairoh, who, like many Indonesians, goes by one name, was 18, and this was her first baby. As she waited for help, she swatted away swarming flies and thought about how her child would soon fill its lungs with the stink of the landfill surrounding their home.

Barack Obama Urges Nevadans To Vote To Restore ‘Sanity’ To Politics

LAS VEGAS ― Former President Barack Obama warned Nevadans on Monday that staying home during November’s midterm elections “would be profoundly dangerous to our democracy,” saying in a speech that these elections are “more important than any I can remember in my lifetime, and that includes when I was on the ballot.”

Rosie O’Donnell Is Engaged To Police Officer Elizabeth Rooney

Rosie O’Donnell is engaged to her girlfriend, police officer Elizabeth Rooney, after a year of dating, the couple confirmed to People. A date has not been set, but O’Donnell told the magazine it would be a ” long time in the future.”

Ariana Grande Shares Bittersweet Vid Of Mac Miller On Oscar Night

Ariana Grande, fresh off her broken engagement with comedian Pete Davidson, returned to the internet Monday in a nostalgic mood. The “God Is A Woman” singer, who announced a week ago she was temporarily saying ” bye bye again to the internet” in the wake of the breakup, posted a video of previous boyfriend Mac Miller on her Instagram story.

Stephen King has come up with a new campaign slogan for Trump

Another day, another fiery Trump burn from the King of horror’s Twitter feed. Pretty much ever since Trump began campaigning, Stephen King has been tweeting about him. He hasn’t let up. At this point he tweets about the President several times a week. And yep, you guessed it – he isn’t exactly Trump’s biggest fan.

Politicians are trolling to win the midterms. Some of it is actually good.

It’s Troll Week on Mashable. Join us as we explore the good, the bad, and the ugly of internet trolling. It used to be that the troll population consisted primarily of sweaty nerds. But now, everyone’s trolling, including crappy steak brands and … actual candidates for higher office.

Britney Spears’ hit ‘…Baby One More Time’ turns 20 so you’re old as hell

Tuesday marks the 20th anniversary of Britney Spears’ iconic “…Baby One More Time,” and while this may prompt you to cry for hours about the passage of time and what to do with your life, we recommend turning up the volume on this evergreen banger and just enjoying the sheer genius that has endured.

The first Amazon Go store in NYC will be across from the World Trade Center

Amazon’s convenience store of the future is coming to Manhattan – more specifically, New York’s financial district. According to Recode, New York City’s very first Amazon Go store will be located inside Brookfield Place, an office and shopping complex located across the street from the World Trade Center.