Here are the stories making headlines this Friday.

Trump’s attacks on media have real-life consequences

Almost as soon as the bombs arrived in the mail, the debate began: What role does violent political rhetoric have on these real-life acts of violence?

Secret Service intercepts 2 ‘suspicious packages’ addressed to Obama, Clinton

The United States Secret Service intercepted two “suspicious packages” addressed to former President Barack Obama and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton earlier this week, the agency said Wednesday.

New York Times: China, Russia listening to Trump’s cell phone calls

President Donald Trump continues to make calls via cell phone despite intelligence that China and Russia listen in, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

US hunter angers Scotland with trophy photo of ‘beautiful’ wild goat

Scotland may change the laws around game hunting after a US hunter attracted fierce criticism for posing with a dead wild goat and other animals killed on Islay in the Inner Hebrides.

Who’s the $1.5 billion Mega Millions winner? We may never know

The fortuitous ticket was bought in South Carolina, where lottery winners can stay anonymous if they want to.

Tim Cook: Being gay is God’s greatest gift to me

Four years ago, Tim Cook became the first CEO of a major company to come out as gay. He says he’s happy about that distinction – and his decision.

Ethiopia’s president resigns amid Cabinet reshuffle, state media says

Ethiopian President Mulatu Teshome submitted a letter of resignation on Wednesday to the country’s parliament, according to state media reports.

Diddy pledges $1m to new school

Diddy is donating $1m (£755,000) to a school which aims to help disadvantaged students in New York. The rapper revealed a new Capital Prep Charter School will open in the Bronx in 2019. It will be the third school Diddy has helped to open as part of a network – there are already Capital Prep schools in Harlem and Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Tesla delivers ‘historic’ $311m profit

Tesla has reported a quarterly profit for just the third time in its 15-year history. The electric car-maker made a record $311.5m (£241m) in the three months to 30 September, as the pace of car deliveries accelerated. The result is a victory for chief executive Elon Musk, who had promised a profit to investors earlier this year.

Google drops plans for Berlin campus

Google has dropped plans to open a large campus in a trendy district of Berlin that were strongly opposed by local campaigners. The US tech giant planned to set up an incubator for start-ups in Kreuzberg, but on Wednesday said the site would go to two local charities.

Suspect packages in US are ‘act of terror’

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called attempted attacks on CNN and top Democrats, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, “an act of terror”. Suspected bombs were sent to locations in New York, the Washington DC area and Florida, authorities said on Wednesday.

Scientist ends air-tight dome experiment

A self-styled “whimsical scientist” who locked himself in an airtight dome with 200 plants to raise awareness of climate change has ended his experiment. Canadian Kurtis Baute entered the 3m (10ft) by 3m cube – which was wrapped in heavy-duty plastic – at midnight on Tuesday in British Columbia.

Trump Uses Unsecured iPhone Even Though China, Russia Are Listening In: Report

Former and current officials connected to President Donald Trump revealed that Russian and Chinese spies are tapping into calls he takes on his personal cellphone, which his aides have repeatedly warned him is vulnerable to such infiltration, according to a New York Times report published Wednesday.

Twitter Explodes After ‘Gaslighter’ Sarah Sanders Accuses CNN Of Dividing America

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders sparked anger on Wednesday after she accused CNN president Jeff Zucker of dividing America. Earlier in the day, President Donald Trump called for Americans to ” come together in peace and harmony” after authorities seized suspicious packages containing “potential explosive devices” that were sent to CNN and the homes and offices of leading Democrats, including former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

Colbert Hits Trump’s Response To Bomb Scare With A Brutal ‘Fact-Check’

Stephen Colbert mocked President Donald Trump’s response on Twitter to the bomb scare against Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, other leading Democratic figures and the CNN newsroom. Trump’s initial response was to simply retweet Vice President Mike Pence, who called the acts “cowardly” and “despicable” and vowed to bring the perpetrator to justice.

Tim Cook Warns That Personal Data Is Being ‘Weaponized Against Us’

Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook, warned Wednesday that personal data is being “weaponized against us” and called for more regulation of digital privacy. Speaking at the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in Brussels, Cook said: “As far back as 1890, future Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis published an article in the Harvard Law Review, making the case for a “Right to Privacy” in the United States.

Couple Slammed For Using Congo As A Prop In Their Wedding Photos

A travel photographer and his wife have come under fire for a series of horrifyingly insensitive wedding photographs they staged in the Democratic Republic of Congo last year. John Milton’s photographs show the newlyweds being held at gunpoint atop a volcano and the bride “Just cruising’ thru the ghetto in Congo in a wedding dress,” according to a caption.

Elon Musk had a wild quarter, but you wouldn’t know it from Tesla’s earnings call

Tesla CEO Elon Musk saved all the drama for his Twitter account during Wednesday’s earnings call. It’s been quite the quarter. This past three months saw Musk break down in a New York Times interview, tweet so much that the SEC got involved and sued for fraud, and call a rescue diver a pedophile (and get sued over that, as well).

Cathay Pacific hit with data breach involving 9.4 million customers

Cathay Pacific is the latest airline to be battered by a major data breach. In a statement released on its website, the Hong Kong-based international airline said roughly 9.4 million customers had their data accessed, but said there was “no evidence” that the information was misused.

Not even Chinese spies will make Trump give up his iPhone

Remember when Hillary Clinton’s private email server allegedly helped lose her the election? Those were the days. President Trump will not stop making calls on his multiple iPhones, even though his own aides have told him that Russian and Chinese spies are intercepting his communications.

This losing lottery ticket is the most painful thing you’ll ever see

Some people are born lucky, others … not so much. Take for example this really sad case involving Redditor Cuddlem0nster. This unlucky soul posted a picture of their losing lotto ticket on r/funny, but the reason why they lost will make you really feel for them.

Everything coming to Netflix in November 2018

With a crisp chill in the air finally blowing away the heat of summer, November is shaping up to be an autumnal wonderland. We’re sure you’ve already got your pie dough chilling, your blankets newly fluffed, and your boots by the front door. But, is that Netflix queue really ready?