On this Friday, these are the stories making headlines.

Turkish paper publishes apparent security images of Saudi officer on day Khashoggi vanished

Security camera images that purport to show the movements of one of the 15 Saudi men believed by Turkish authorities to be connected to the disappearance and apparent death of a Saudi journalist were published Thursday by a Turkish newspaper.

Trump to meet with Pompeo as Khashoggi crisis engulfs White House

President Donald Trump will meet Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday as the White House struggles to contain a spiraling crisis over a journalist’s apparent death at a Saudi consulate.

Biden hopes Democrats don’t impeach Trump right away

Former Vice President Joe Biden said he hopes Democrats do not impeach President Donald Trump right away if they take control of the House, arguing they should wait until the conclusion of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation to determine their approach.

Bracing for the midterms, Facebook builds a ‘war room’

Facebook has set up a “war room” at its California headquarters as part of its plans to avoid a repeat of the 2016 election, when misinformation was rampant on the platform.

Mad cow disease confirmed in Scotland

A case of mad cow disease has been discovered on a farm in Aberdeen, the Scottish government has confirmed.

Meghan and Harry talk baby names on Melbourne tram

Meghan and Harry continued their Australia tour by visiting Melbourne, riding on one of the city’s famous trams and a chatting very briefly about baby names.

Usain Bolt rejects soccer contract from Malta

Jamaican sprint star Usain Bolt will remain in Australia after turning down the offer of a two-year contract from a soccer club in Malta.

Australian woman ‘faked cancer for cash’

A woman in Australia has been charged for allegedly gaining A$55,000 ($39,000; £30,000) from a fundraising site after faking a cancer diagnosis. Lucy Wieland, 27, used social media to document a fraudulent journey through ovarian cancer treatment, a court in Townsville, Queensland, was told.

Soldiers wanted to kill me – Ethiopia PM

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has said that some of the soldiers who entered the grounds of his office last week had wanted to kill him. At the time, he defused the situation by ordering them to do press-ups and joining in.

Weinstein accuser told to delete phone info

One of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers was told by police to delete any files from her phone that she wanted to keep private, prosecutors have admitted. Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi-Orbon said the complainant was told by a detective to “delete anything she did not want anyone to see”.

Orange Is The New Black to end

Netflix has announced that one of its biggest ever hits, Orange Is The New Black, is coming to an end. The women’s prison-based comedy drama will finish after its upcoming seventh series. In a video on the show’s official Twitter account, cast members including Uzo Aduba and Taylor Schilling promised it would go out with a bang.

A salad nearly killed my brother

A salad nearly killed my brother. It was the mid-1990s. The incident involved a self-service counter and one bowl that contained hidden nuts. Adam was 10 years old. I was older, but still at school. I remember the nurse coming into my classroom to say he had been taken to hospital and I should make my own way home.

Trump Threatens To Use Military To ‘Close Our Southern Border’ Over Immigration

President Donald Trump on Thursday threatened to shut the U.S.-Mexico border, claiming without evidence that several Central American countries are allowing “many criminals” to head to the U.S. Trump, in a series of tweets, said he would “call up” the military to close the border if Mexico fails to “stop this onslaught.”

Jared Kushner And Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Reportedly Talk On WhatsApp

President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner was reportedly a cause for concern among national security staffers amid investigations into the disappearance of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi because Kushner was known to have messaged with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on WhatsApp.

Trump’s Name Is Removed From Another New York Building

Another Trump-branded building will pry President Donald Trump ‘s name off its facade following a vote by condo residents, who cited antipathy, security risks and reduced property values. A 46-story tower at 200 Riverside Blvd. on Manhattan’s Upper West Side will remove the giant brass “TRUMP PLACE” letters on Thursday, The New York Times reported.

Cardi B Says Her Baby ‘Broke My Vagina’

Cardi B ‘s account of giving birth to her baby girl left the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” audience in stitches on Wednesday. It seems the rapper had no idea that she would literally be left in stitches after the delivery. The revelation emerged as the “Bodak Yellow” chart-topper and host Kimmel made small talk about motherhood.

‘House Of Cards’ Cast Skirts Kevin Spacey Talk During Season 6 Preview

” House of Cards” stars Robin Wright and Michael Kelly and executive producers Melissa Gibson and Frank Pugliese expertly tiptoed around the elephant in the room during a discussion on the Netflix show’s upcoming season Wednesday night.

Trump Says He Hasn’t Visited Troops In Afghanistan, Iraq Because He’s ‘Very Busy’

President Donald Trump said he hasn’t made his way overseas to visit troops because he’s “very busy.” The president told The Associated Press in an interview published on Tuesday that he’ll go overseas to military bases in places like Iraq and Afghanistan “at some point” but he doesn’t “think it’s overly necessary.”

Maisie Williams filmed her final ‘Game of Thrones’ scene alone

The Game of Thrones cast is still keeping mum on Season 8, but Maisie Williams offered a tantalizing tease on her last scene as Arya Stark. “I ended on the perfect scene,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “I was alone – shocker! Arya’s always bloody alone.

Student says she gave cookies containing grandfather’s ashes to classmates

A student in Davis, California has claimed that around two weeks ago, she and a co-conspirator gave nine classmates cookies containing her grandfather’s ashes. At least some of the students were aware there were ashes in the cookies before they consumed them, police told the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday.

Stephen Colbert doesn’t think much of Trump’s ‘natural instinct for science’

Despite his resistance to believing climate change is manmade, which is in opposition to his scientists’ beliefs, Donald Trump told the Associated Press yesterday that he has a “natural instinct for science.” It’s because of the president’s uncle, MIT professor Dr. John Trump, who it turns out he didn’t talk to “about this particular subject.”

Terrifying video shows a bridge sagging under the weight of a massive bus

Please enjoy this deeply terrifying video of a bridge flexing under the weight of a bus. The historic Beaver Bridge in Arkansas is a one-lane suspension bridge built in 1949 that offers picturesque views of Table Rock Lake. It’s delicate – and the lane is made out of wood.

YouTube finally lets you watch a video and browse the site at the same time

From the “why the hell did this take so long” department: YouTube has launched a new “Miniplayer” feature, which lets you continue watching a video in a smaller window while you browse other sections of the site. To say the feature was highly coveted is an understatement, especially since a similar feature has been available on the mobile version of YouTube for ages.