Kenyan comedian and radio personality Terrence Macharia better known as Terence Creative has opened up about his struggle with smoking as he marks one year of being smoke-free.

The Radio Jambo cohost estimates that he has smoked at least 166,000 cigarettes over a period of 22 years.

“365 days ago I was a smoke slave. I couldn’t function without smoke, I kept it to my mind that I needed to smoke to be more creative, later on, I realized it was just a myth. I prayed to God and said to myself I will quit, I prayed and told God to free me coz am his child and He did,” he said.

According to his estimates, smoking has cost him at least Sh800,000 over the same period.

“I had smoked for 22 years, between ages 9 – 14 I was a soft smoker but from age 16 I became a heavy smoker. I smoked 2 -3 packs a day. On estimate before quitting, I had smoked more than 166,000 cigarettes, in this, I haven’t counted Shisha and Marijuana. Estimates on the lower side I had spent more than 804,000ksh on smoke,” he said.

According to Terence, his addiction was so bad that people paid him using cigarettes.

“Smoking cost me a lot, loss of dignity, loss of jobs. I remember some of my ‘friends’ who wanted to me to offer my creative services to them used to say “huyu usimpee pesa, bora uende na fegi atakuskiza.”

“That’s how low I could stoop, and as an addict, you put smoke ahead of you.”

Macharia thanked his wife of five years, Millicent Chebet, and friends for the support in his quest to fight the addiction.

“Well, am glad I did it, thanks to my wife for pushing me hard and friends that encouraged me.  I have a lot to say but am glad people view me differently now. You too can quit from whatever enslaves you, choose a struggle and don’t look back,” he