Yup! You read that headline right! Traders of illicit brews in Trans-Nzoia County are now rearing snakes which they use to scare away police officers during crackdowns on illicit.

According to County Commissioner Erastus Mbui, the habit was especially rampant in Kiminini Sub-county where owners of busaa and chang’aa dens have on several occasions unleashed snakes on security officers to avoid arrests during clampdowns.

Addressing the residents of Kiminini on Tuesday, the commissioner noted Sikhendu area was the most notorious and that police intelligence indicated most brewers in the region had resorted to domesticating the reptiles to scare away police officers.

“We are not going to be cowed in our enforcement of law and order. Those who use tricks to evade arrests will attract more charges related to obstructing the law enforcers from discharging their duties,” Mbui warned.

He said that they will incorporate the services of the Kenya Wild Service (KWS) rangers who will take away the reptiles to conservation parks in the region and the culprits will be arrested.

Security officers in the county have evidently been putting their lives on the line when carrying out crackdowns on illicit liquor. Recently, officers were forced to abandon a crackdown after they were attacked at one of the chang’aa dens at Sokomoko area in Cherang’any Sub-county.

Last year, Kabolet Sub-location’s assistant chief, Julius Sabatia, was shot with an arrow in the back during a crackdown within one of the villages in his jurisdiction.

Source – Tuko.co.ke