Nairobi Diaries actress Pendo has laughed off allegations that she was arrested over unsettled hotel bills.

According to reports by a cross-section of gutter blogs, the actress cum musician and her fiance, Joseph Kner, allegedly checked into a hotel based in Westlands, Nairobi where they spent a week.

However, things reportedly went South after Pendo’s fiance bailed and left her behind with unsettled bills amounting to Sh75,000. She was allegedly reported to the police and locked up at Parklands police station.

But on Instagram, Pendo was still chatting with friends when the reports broke out that she was locked in a cell.

In one of her photos, a follower asked her to confirm whether the reports were true.

”Is it true your mzungu lover left you with bills? Are you at Parklands police? I hear people are making contributions to clear your debt?” the fan posed.

To which Pendo responded: ”I love making news. It’s the work I chose.”

Some of Pendo’s friends further debunked the rumors when they passed by the police station to check on her.

”Just passed by Parklands Police Station and nothing is going on. The ghetto princess is fine.” Pendo’s friend assured her fans.