Remember Kingwa Kamencu? The controversial Facebook personality who stirred the Kenyan political scene in 2011 following her declaration to run for the presidency in the 2013 General Elections?

Perhaps you have been wondering what she has been up to.

The controversial writer, known for her mind-boggling sex-related statements on social media, has apparently revived her presidential ambitions ahead of the next elections in 2022.

To this effect, the self-proclaimed Madame President has unveiled a political party that will see her succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta right under DP William Ruto’s nose.

Unsurprisingly, she has named the party ‘Kenya Sex Party’ and there’s a credible reason why the name is controversial.

“I chose the name because we all know that sex is what leads to birth and what we are doing is giving birth to new ideas,” she told a local tabloid.

According to Kamencu, Kenyan politics has been killing careers, dreams and that through her ‘sex’ party, new ideas will be put to place.

She said she has been busy campaigning and “mobilizing people and helping them think big.”

“I have always been in politics, only that my style of doing things is different from the rest of the politicians,” she said.