Kenya’s first African Chief Architect David Mutiso has stunned netizens with the revelation that he was inspired by a donkey’s erect penis in designing the iconic Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) in 1968.

Mutiso, who was contracted by then Kanu Secretary General Tom Mboya to design the headquarter of the then ruling party, made the revelation in an interview with Citizen TV.

Mr Mutiso disclosed that KICC was initially designed to be a four-storey building but President Jomo Kenyatta kept revising the initial sketches in order to have more floors.

The architects ended up with the phallic design that made KICC the country’s tallest building for the longest time.

“They wanted to build a headquarter for Kanu. We started sketching, initially it was a simple four-storey building, it evolved with time. Every time we showed the President, he asked us to go higher and eventually we ended up with 17 floors,” he said.

“The initial tower was inspired by a donkey’s penis,” Mutiso explained.

He said he worked closely with Norwegian architect Karl Henrik Nøstvik who was a consultant architect contracted for the project. The construction was done in three phases, starting with the podium, then the tower and later the plenary at a total cost of Sh80 million.