Apparently, popular musician Akothee has been having a steamy affair with comedian Owago Onyiro.

The rumor mill has been working overtime alleging that the two have been an item for almost a year. This would mean that Akothee has been cheating on her manager and perceived boytoy, Nelly Oaks.

The claims were made on a popular Facebook group by one Paul Odhiambo who captioned a picture of Akothee and Owago at a past event in Migori as follows: “Meet Akothee aka the boss lady and her new catch Owago Onyiro…Owago has been dating Akothee for almost a year now…”

While the allegations are obviously hot air as Paul did not provide the proof to back his claims, the rumor has started spreading like wildfire in social media circles.

This has even prompted a response from comedian Owago Onyiro who poured cold water on the rumors through his Instagram.

Tagging Akothee in his post, Owago wrote: “So kuna mKenya ameamua kutuweka pamoja……….Sibuor madhako aka @akotheekenya kuja hapa uone uchokozi. Nitaambia nini @nellyoaks.”

To which Akothee responded in dholuo: “??? asetho, mit giyud mpsea cha ???.”