Former NTV presenter Faith Muturi Ngugi is heavy with child.

Muturi, renowned as host of NTV’s gospel show Cross Over 101, broke the news during an interview with Kalekye Mumo in the Talk Central morning live show on K24.

Spotting a burgeoning baby bump, the corporate training consultant revealed that she is sevenths pregnant and looking forward to being a mother for the second time.

Faith Muturi further revealed her baby bump to her followers on social media, posting on Instagram: “Thanks for having me on the show @kalekyemumo
You and the #TCGang sure put me on the spot!?? That was a fantastic show ?? Grateful for the encouraging feedback and great conversations about the show. And alaaaas!! Baby bump Love#goodlaughs #glowing#greatconversations #pregnancy#inspiration #babynumbertwo#family #growing #miraclescontinue.”

Faith Muturi, who is married to architect and businessman George Ngugi, in a past post revealed how doctors had discouraged her about getting pregnant.

She later conceived and successfully gave birth to their firstborn son, Lemuel Imani, back in 2016.