Former Big Brother Africa contestant, Sabina Stadler, opens up to Nairobian about salvation, politics, her music career and why doesn’t hug men nowadays.

You have really changed after your experience at Big Brother Africa. What happened?

A lot! To be honest, Big Brother Africa didn’t add any value to my life. Anyway, let me leave it at that. I gave my life to Christ and it has been a learning curve. My spiritual journey has grown.

What informed that decision?

I wanted to live life abundantly. I just got tired of my life. It wasn’t my portion. I felt wasted and I was not living to my maximum potential. I needed to go back to my creator and ask him why am I here.  I am content because I am not just walking in trial and error, but walking with purpose and to a destined destination.

You joined politics, is the dream still on or you gave up?

I still work a lot serving my community. I found it hard for a woman to be taken seriously in politics, which is sad. I am learning a lot from my boss, Esther Passaris, and I believe when the right time comes, I will give it a shot.

Currently, I head the Arts and Culture department at the Nairobi Woman Representative’s Office. Further, I have an initiative called SASA (Stand against sexual abuse) which has raised money for children homes.

I am also the Lang’ata head for SSV (Survivors of sexual violence) which is working together with Wangukanja Foundation and UN Women.

Speaking of being saved, politics is a dirty game, do you think a politician can be an honest born-again Christian?

I remember when I asked Passaris to join her team, she didn’t ask me, “What do you want me to do for you?” She asked me, “What do you want God to do for you?”

I was baffled and I knew this is the person God wants me to support. Good leaders are given to us by God and the Bible says they are appointed by God. But it takes a lot of willpower and control because indeed, it is the devil’s playground.

Do you feel like most young Gospel musicians in Kenya are preaching the right Gospel?

There is no right Gospel. There is only the Gospel. And the Gospel is the truth. If you hear my songs you will see the Bible in it, you will hear God speak to you. My songs are intimate conversations with God, everything from the message beat, video are personal to me, that’s why I also produce and direct my own videos. I pray for my songs before I release them and I want God to save someone through me.

 Your baby daddy left you when you were pregnant. Does he reach out? Are you in good terms?

God can change the heart of any man. My baby daddy came back and I forgave him. He is trying, he’s still learning to be a father! My father died when I was three, so I really wanted my child to have a father figure. I tell single mothers not to play desperate since you are only going to hurt the child. God is a father to the fatherless, and husband to widows. Wacha stress, he’s got you.

You were sexually molested by your uncle. Have you forgiven him?

Yes, I did. I was about six years and it happened so many times. I decide to talk about and share my ordeal with school kids so that they more aware about the perpetrators.  I do lots of school missions and kids approach me confessing what they have gone through. I always tell parents the person you least expect, could be the monster.

What projects have you been up to? Anything new we should expect?

I want to produce the first 3D film in Africa! It is already underway. I also have a new show I have produced and appeared in. I am also writing a book targeting high school students. Further, I want to open a Swahili restaurant next year. I have a passion for food. I had a cooking show some years back on K24.

Is there any man in Sabina’s Life?

With all this awesomeness? Of course, I have a man, I have a sponsor! His name is Jesus! He gives me everything I want. He’s all the man I need. I honestly have never found a man who loves me as much as I love them. It is sad. In fact, the last man I gave a chance turned out to be the devil himself.

I also don’t hug men nowadays. It is disturbing when you hug a man and he holds your waist or presses your breasts. It is so annoying!  You are not my man, so keep your distance, and respect my body. A handshake will do! I am enjoying my singlehood.