Nairobi Woman Rep Esther Passaris is considered one of the most beautiful female public figures in the country. Her alluring looks are even more mesmerizing due to the fact that she is 53 years young.

If you’ve been wondering how she does it, you’re in luck. Read her beauty regimen below, courtesy of Sunday Standard.


“I dealt with acne in my 20s and I had a dermatologist help me with it. While I was treating the acne on my cheeks I ignored my chin which led to me struggling with discolouration. But after a while, it all started to fade away. I eat healthy, drink water even though I’m still working on having eight glasses per day and take a dose of Retinol vitamin A every five years. I get a facial once a month.

“I use eye cream a lot to help with dark patches which are a result of not getting enough rest. The most important part of my skincare routine is removing my makeup before I sleep and wearing sunscreen. The sun is harsh on the skin and one should always apply a thin layer to protect themselves from the ultra-violet rays.

“To avoid wrinkles, I do facercises. That is basically me making funny faces in the mirror and in the lift when I’m alone. Look them up and do them. Simple but very effective. Do them every day as often as you can. My skincare routine is very simple. I cleanse, moisturise and tone using a range of products from Clinique to Obagi because I like to give my skin variety. I use a good liquid scrub for my face and eye cream for my eyes. Sunscreen is always a must and I use Studio fix by Mac to deal with uneven skin tone.

“Absolute beauty secret? You need to have three things; a good liquid scrub soap, make up remover and facial cotton pads. The liquid soap scrubs are good for exfoliating skin after a long day and opening up pores to breathe and stay fresh. Makeup remover is important because sleeping with makeup on causes skin breakage and acne. Facial cotton pads are for smoothly removing the makeup without having to rub your face harshly and damaging skin.

“In your 30s, you should save money for a good facial and go to a skin expert to find the products that are best suited for your skin at that age. Don’t risk going to someone who isn’t highly recommended. A good diet will also help in making your skin glow and looking young. And above all else, avoid late nights as getting enough rest helps your skin a lot.”