Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua, must be the luckiest woman in town.

Weeks after she caused a scene due to Bahati’s constant absence, Diana Marua, in addition to being surprised with a fully furnished house has now been treated to an exotic family vacation in Malindi.

According to Bahati, he has been working so hard lately and it was time to switch off his phone and refocus his attention on his babies.

And Diana Marua was more than elated as she posted on social media: “Yes to this Vacaaayyy!!!! Yes to my baby @bahatikenya for making this happen and Yaaaaaassss to @bonfireadventures for ensuring we get the best service, facilities and atmosphere. Issa Retreat!!! I wish to relive this moment over and over again, I’m soo full of life because of you two @HeavenBahati and @bahatikenya @bonfireadventures This place is MAGICAL, Thank you.”

The lovebirds have been sharing dreamy photos of the enviable family vacay as they continue to have a good time and strengthen their marriage ties.

Check them out.