Socialite Vera Sidika is the centre of attention in Otile Brown’s new music video for ‘Baby Love.’

The two ‘lovebirds’ have been fake-dating for months now in a bid to push their respective brands and it doesn’t come as a surprise that Otile has ‘dedicated’ a love song to his boo. The song also comes hot on the heels of Vera Sidika’s highly publicised beauty parlour launch at Western Heights in Westlands in June.

What’s even more telling about their attempts to hoodwink their fans is their recent social media activity that saw them delete photos of each other. Speculation has been rife that they are no longer an item, only for Otile to drop a song on Tuesday amid the uncertainty.

While denying a split, Otile sensationally claimed that their haters have been sending Vera messages saying she downgraded by choosing the singer.

“So ho*s have been sending my chick messages telling her that she has failed miserably for falling in love with me, calling me names because I am not a baller. We usually just read them together with Vee and laugh. Even people we know use private accounts just to diss her ‘stupid move’ for falling for me,” he claimed.

“Someone just texted. This hit me hard, though. She’s saying I am using juju on her. That ‘There is no way, Vee can love an average guy like me’.

“First of all, I am not an average dude. I am a true baller on my own level and I aspire to be bigger. Everybody starts from somewhere.

“Even if I become a real baller, I would never blow money on no ho*, unless she’s special. So the society got us all fucked up, to a point that a man can’t make a move towards a classy woman and win without blowing cash? Damn! And by the way, I love Vee – and God forbid – if we ever part ways, life has to go on, so don’t dwell on that. Till then, we lit.”

And to further prove his love, Otile released ‘Baby Love’, which is fast becoming a top trending video on YouTube.

Vera could not contain her excitement as she posted: “When bae sings for you and it melts your heart (literally?) I love you baby @otilebrown ❤ you’re the best and OMG your voice! I know I say this all the time but damn papi!!!! Just can’t get enough ? …you’re one special, talented human ❤”

Watch ‘Baby Love’