Prezzo’s supposed Tanzanian girlfriend, Amber Lulu, is begging for the rapper’s forgiveness after her leaked sextape with another man.

In the video that has gone viral across East Africa, the Tanzanian video vixen is seen giving head to a man identified as Nuh Mziwanda.

During an interview with Clouds FM, Lulu said the video was leaked by mistake and regretted having an intimate moment with a man she barely loves.

“Tulikua home tuna-vibe. It wasn’t love. It was an accident,” said the controversial video vixen.

She noted that Prezzo is not happy about the saga.

“I thought about Prezzo. He is the man that I’m in a relationship with. I disappointed him. We’ve started arguing, even with his friends and family.”

“He is my lover, I thought about him all that time when the video leaked. Imemkosesha raha na amani pia. Prezzo ni mume wangu.”

She further pleaded for the rapper’s forgiveness saying she has been crying a lot and asking the My City My Town hitmaker to understand her situation as a celebrity.

“I love Prezzo and I’m asking for his forgiveness. I’ve cried a lot. I just need him to understand me. I’m human and I make mistakes. I plead for forgiveness. I love him so much. I’m so stressed up right now. It is not good what I did.”

In addition to Prezzo, Lulu confessed that she has in the past slept with former Ya Moto Band lead singer Aslay, who she terms “kiboko yao” in the bedroom.

“Kwenye game yuko noma. Aslay kiboko kabisa.”

Prezzo is yet to comment.